• Image of PowerFrame Black complete (Icing edition)

Our PowerFrame is 'Black' in stock!!

We have taken feedback from our customers to perfect our newest frame release. Only tiny alterations were needed but we think you'll agree they make all the difference. We have also finally emblazoned our name on the side!

Ride 72mm wheels flat with a huge grind space. All the benefits of a big wheel set-up - a faster, smoother ride on all surfaces - with none of the draw backs. Unadulterated h-block tricks with our big, extended groove. You can literally have your cake and eat it!

This complete set includes 8 x 72mm Kryptonics wheel in your choice of colour and 16 bearings. This is everything you will need to fully experience the joy of these frames!

New and improved. Get them while they're hot!

Colour - black
Wheels - white
One size only

Frames must be worn with all axle bolts - including top bolts - at all times.

Wheel hardness may vary from those in image. Current stock 82A.

Sold Out